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Hydrogen from water electrolysis

We offer hydrogen that was produced with renewable power in places where sun, wind and hydropower are more abundant than in Europe.

e-NG (Green CH4)

We offer green CH4 directly to customers that can return the C-carrier to us.

Power from renewable sources

We offer green power on-demand and independent from the intermittency of European solar and wind power production, solving the battery storage issues. We are cooperating closely with NET Power to deploy its zero-emissions technology platform.

CO2 offtake solutions

We offer CO2 offtake solutions to customers with process emissions that can’t be avoided, such as the cement industry.


Our hydrogen solutions will be used by a wide range of emission-intensive industrial clients to produce steel, cement, chemicals and petrochemical products.


Power plant operators will use our eNG (green gas) to produce renewable power on-demand, which allows our customers to solve the intermittency problem of European wind and solar power production.


We will supply hydrogen to power the movement of people and goods across land, sea and air. All major transportation modes could benefit from our hydrogen solutions.

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