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TES’s prime objective is to accelerate the energy transition by leveraging existing global energy infrastructure to reach customers with green hydrogen, green gas and green power while accelerating the phase-out of fossil fuels from the system globally, and introducing a circular carbon economy.

TES provides green hydrogen at scale into global markets with an innovative business model based on proven technologies to current and future hydrogen users, particularly across mobility, industrial and power sectors.

TES is currently developing energy supply and import hubs in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Canada and the United States to integrate and optimize global supply chains. TES initial production and export hubs are being developed in respectively the Middle East and North America.


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Accelerating Europe’s decarbonization 

TES is developing the first world-class European Green Energy Hub in Germany. It will provide sustainable, reliable, clean, non-intermittent energy to leading German customers being in mobility, industry, power sectors in the form of green hydrogen, green gas, and green power and this in large volumes and without major price volatility exposure.

TES first major European Green Energy Hub in Wilhelmshaven, manufacturing and trading sustainable and cost-effective carbon-neutral energies, is planned to come on stream in 2027.

In the initial phase, 25 TWh per year of green gas from which more than half a million tonnes of hydrogen can be produced will be imported into Wilhelmshaven, raising to 250 TWh per year and more than 5 million tonnes of hydrogen in a final stage. This corresponds to 10% of the total annual primary energy demand of Germany.

TES Green Energy Hub can accommodate up to 2GW electrolyser with renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind.

We aim to be a frontrunner and a catalyst in helping Europe and its leading industrial companies transition to green energies and so drastically curb their carbon emissions.

Our products will be sustainable, environmental and climate-friendly, socially caring, and operational under highest governance and ethical standards.

TES Wilhelmshaven Green Energy Hub

Fostering the transition to a sustainable mobility

We offer immediate benefits to reduce CO2 emissions and decarbonize the heavy-duty and long haul-vehicles, from buses to trucks, boats and planes.

By using the existing European infrastructure, TES will provide green H2 and e-mobility solutions for the transportation market.

TES H2 Tank Station
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