Win the Climate Race

Our mission

Democratizing access to reliable and affordable green energy through giga-scale projects

Working in tandem with nature, we want to drive the green transition and accelerate full global decarbonisation.
To mitigate the climate crisis, we need optimism and clear focus. We also need each other. Let us work together as a community to find as many good solutions as we can to heal our only home.
Our vision

World’s leading e-NG producer

Most of the world runs on fossil fuels and it is destroying our climate. We are committed to driving the transition to renewable energy on a global scale.
TES is overhauling our energy system by making the most of existing technology and infrastructure. We use the sun’s energy and recycled CO₂ to produce green molecules that will make decarbonizing our energy system fast, affordable, and feasible while scaling up the hydrogen economy.
Our values

A few key principles at the heart of what we do

We are purposeful in winning the climate race.

We are bold and confident in our trajectory.

We succeed in partnerships, along the whole value chain, with transparency and respect.

We are entrepreneurial with a heart and take ownership for doing the right things.

Accelerating the transition to affordable green energy

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