Environmental, Social and Governance

This is how we walk the talk

Sustainability is at the core of our strategy

At TES, we believe that shifting focus from a profit-first approach can help us drive real, sustainable change. Business needs to do better and we are leading the charge.
Workplace wellbeing

Hear from our CEO

When people work in an environment that is purpose-driven, they are more productive, creative, and engaged. Our CEO, Marco Alverà, helped to establish the World Wellbeing Movement, a non-profit social impact organisation working at the intersection between academic experts, and decision-makers in both business and policy to translate evidence-informed wellbeing insights into real-world impact.

How TES makes an impact


We are developing a means of producing energy that works with nature, not against it. In each of our locations around the world, we work with local stakeholders to safeguard natural habitats and their unique local ecosystems.


Any business is only as good as its people. We know that the future of our success relies on enabling our team to thrive, both professionally and personally. We are as committed to our team’s wellbeing as we are to driving the green transition. In both instances, we are committed to getting better every day.


Transparency and accountability are at the heart of what we do. Committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in each of our global locations, we adhere to the highest standards of governance, use robust reporting practices, and prioritise evidence-led decision-making.

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