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We deliver e-NG and green hydrogen to our customers

Making the Green Cycle work in the real world
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5. Green Energy Solutions

TES products help you reduce emissions

TES is an end-to-end energy company committed to becoming the biggest e-NG producer in the world. Performing the same function as natural gas, our e-NG is created using recycled CO₂ and clean, infinite solar and wind energy.

Our e-NG can be used as a substitute in many processes that currently require fossil molecules

e-NG will revolutionize the green transition and not just because it unleashes the power of green hydrogen and reduces carbon emissions. We believe the best green technologies are those that can make an immediate impact and make life easy for our customers.
e-NG can be put to use straight away as we create it using already proven technologies and can implement it in infrastructure built for fossil fuels. This saves us the time and money and provides a quicker and more affordable solution.
As a result, there is no risk of stranded assets when fossil fuels are phased out. Infrastructure upgrades will of course happen over time, but e-NG’s flexibility means it can be supplied to gas pipelines now and easily reconverted to green hydrogen when the H2 infrastructure becomes available. We do not have to wait for a better tomorrow to start using e-NG today.

Our green products and solutions

We provide a range of green energy products and solutions to customers who want to contribute to a more liveable, cost-effective, climate-positive future. We offer full flexibility, control, and transparency.

e-NG can be used for any purpose that’s currently served by natural gas.

For example, e-NG can be employed to reduce emissions in heavy-duty, long-distance transport or hard-to-abate sectors such as steel or glass production. Because e-NG requires no infrastructure upgrades, it is the only option that offers a plug-and-play way to cut carbon.

Green Hydrogen

We can convert e-NG back to green hydrogen for a range of uses like powering mobility or replacing fossil-based hydrogen in industry.

Using green hydrogen radically shrinks the emission footprint of steel, cement, chemical and petrochemical production.

Green Power

e-NG can be used to provide reliable on- demand green power and solve problems with energy storage and solar and wind intermittency.

Power plants can use e-NG to balance local renewable energy supply and ensure a dependable base load that can guarantee a steady flow of reliable power even on dark, windless days. We’re working closely with NET Power to deploy their zero-emission technology platform.


How can I learn more about buying e-NG or other green hydrogen-based products?
Our team is always on hand and will be delighted to guide you through the different projects. See how to contact us .

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Closing the loop by capturing carbon

When e-NG is used, it emits the recycled carbon we use to make it. We capture this carbon and reuse it to make more e-NG. Explore the methods we use to trap carbon in the sixth and final step of the Green Cycle.