TES Announces Appointment of Natalie Jackson as Chief Capital Markets and Structuring

Press Release
April 20, 2023
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The Board of TES, a global green energy company at the forefront of the production of e-NG (electric natural gas made from green hydrogen), are pleased to announce the appointment of Natalie Jackson as Chief Capital Markets and Structuring as the company continues to focus on becoming the largest e-NG producer worldwide.
Natalie brings over 25 years of experience in both project finance and development globally in the renewable and conventional independent power industry. She is an experienced energy executive with proven success in executing complex financial transactions, managing commercial activities, and structuring market-leading transactions, in terms of both size and innovation. Before joining TES, Natalie served as a Senior Vice President, Head of Capital Markets & Portfolio Finance for Clearway Energy Group, based in San Francisco, California.
This senior appointment strengthens TES’ unique, sustainable business model as it aims to “ship the sun” and to make the power of renewable energy accessible worldwide. TES’ innovative model is based on a green loop that harnesses the full power of the sun and wind. By producing large amounts of green hydrogen and combining it with CO₂, TES aims to become the leading e-NG producer worldwide. TES’ final product, which consists of a green and easy to transport gas, will enable the decarbonization of various industries.
TES is developing upstream projects to produce green hydrogen and e-NG in the United States (Texas), the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. In Wilhelmshaven, Germany, the company is building the Wilhelmshaven Green Energy Hub – a portal to decarbonized and secure energy for Europe, scheduled to start operations in 2026.
TES was founded in 2019 and its shareholders include founders, management, E.ON, HSBC, UniCredit, Zodiac Maritime, Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), and Zhero.
Commenting on the announcement, Marco Alverà, CEO of TES, said: “We are pleased to welcome Natalie to TES, who brings a remarkable experience in the renewable energy sector at an exciting time for the company as it is expanding its operations in the US, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Attracting world-class talents from global energy companies and various industries is a key pillar of our growth strategy. Natalie’s impressive background will further support TES’s mission to provide access to the sun and wind everywhere.”
Natalie Jackson, Chief Capital Markets and Structuring of TES, said: “I am thrilled to join TES at such a pivotal time in the company’s growth trajectory. TES’ unique, sustainable business model and ambitious targets to decarbonize the energy chain are truly impressive. I look forward to joining an incredible team and bring my global experience in project finance and development expertise to structure and execute market-leading transactions that will support TES in becoming the largest e-NG producer worldwide.”

About TES

TES is a global green energy company leading the way in the production of e-NG (electric natural gas derived from green hydrogen). Headquartered in Europe, TES is committed to making reliable and affordable green energy accessible to all by implementing giga-scale projects using a proven, scalable and cost-effective method. With a presence in North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia, the company’s green hydrogen model uses solar and wind energy in low-cost areas with abundant sunlight or wind. The green hydrogen is then combined with climate-neutral CO2 and transformed into e-NG, a renewable molecule, easy to transport and store using existing infrastructure. Through the supply of e-NG to various industries, TES aims to win the climate race ensuring the mass adoption of green molecules across the globe.