TES partners with Osaka Gas to develop large scale e-NG value chain

Press Release
September 4, 2023
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TES announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Osaka Gas UK, (OGUK), a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co. (Osaka Gas) to jointly collaborate on developing the e-NG value chain and conduct joint studies on a wide range of e-NG¹ related subjects.
As part of this initiative, the two companies plan to launch advocacy activities targeting relevant governments to promote the global recognition of e-NG’s value and advantages as a new green hydrogen energy carrier to achieve a carbon neutral society. They intend to work with governments to establish international rules and systems to support the commercialization of e-NG. This two-party collaboration also includes comprehensive studies on e-NG value chain development, including e-NG production, transportation, usage and offtake.
“e-NG is an essential piece of the puzzle in the scale-up of renewable energy production and reaching carbon neutrality. At TES, we want to win the climate race and building renewable giga-scale projects to develop the hydrogen economy and end reliance on fossil fuels. The speed at which this is happening must accelerate, and our partnership with Osaka Gas, a leading player in e-NG production, brings us one step closer to achieving this goal” said Marco Alverà, CEO and Co-Founder of TES.
¹ Synthetic methane, also called e-methane, produced through a methanation process using green hydrogen and recycled carbon dioxide: Methane is the main component of natural gas.

About TES

TES is a global green energy company leading the way in the production of e-NG (electric natural gas derived from green hydrogen). Headquartered in Europe, TES is committed to making reliable and affordable green energy accessible to all by implementing giga-scale projects using a proven, scalable and cost-effective method. With a presence in North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia, the company’s green hydrogen model uses solar and wind energy in low-cost areas with abundant sunlight or wind. The green hydrogen is then combined with climate-neutral CO2 and transformed into e-NG, a renewable molecule, easy to transport and store using existing infrastructure. Through the supply of e-NG to various industries, TES aims to win the climate race ensuring the mass adoption of green molecules across the globe.

About Osaka Gas

Osaka Gas aims to achieve carbon neutrality across its corporate group (Daigas Group) by 2050 as a goal set in the Carbon Neutral Vision released in January 2021 and Energy Transition 2030 released in March 2023. To realize this ambition, the company pursues net zero solutions, including e-methane, synthetic methane suitable for seamless and low-cost transition due to its compatibility with the existing gas infrastructure and equipment. While proceeding with R&D on e-methane technologies, Osaka Gas drives several e-methane projects, conducting feasibility studies to produce e-methane in strategic locations, such as North America, South America, Australia, the Middle East, the Southeast Asia, and Japan.