TES Teams Up with Japanese Trading Giant Itochu for Global Decarbonisation Through e-NG

Press Release
July 1, 2024
Tree Energy Solutions (TES), a global green energy company leading the way in the production of e-NG (electric natural gas derived from green hydrogen), is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Itochu Corporation, a prominent trading and investment company committed to sustainable global development,aimed at driving forward the adoption of e-NG to decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors.
The partnership between Itochu and TES represents a major advancement in developing innovative solutions for global decarbonisation through e-NG, a green molecule obtained by combining green hydrogen with biogenic or recycled CO2. Together, the companies plan to explore various avenues of cooperation, including equity participation in TES’ e-NG projects, establishment of e-NG production and marketing ventures, and engagement in regulatory affairs to bolster the development and uptake of e-NG across key regions such as North America, Europe, and Japan.
Being among Japan's top sōgō shōsha[1], Itochu has settargets to reduce GHG emissions by 40% from 2018 levels by 2030 and achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050. With its expansive in-house market information, Itochu possesses the scale and insight to pursue new business opportunities effectively. This strategic advantage will significantly aid the scaling up of e-NG production and distribution. Actively seeking businesses that contribute to emission reduction, Itochu's commitment aligns seamlessly with TES' mission to establish a supply chain of e-NG to usher in a low-carbon economy.
Key areas of collaboration entail potential long-term offtake agreements to supply e-NG to low-carbon fuel users mainly in Japan, leveraging Itochu's existing investments in green hydrogen production companies. Specifically, the agreement includes exploring potential opportunities to produce and promote e-NG utilising CO2 emissions from hard-to-abate sectors in North America as well.
"This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our efforts to develop a global portfolio of e-NG projects and strategically expand into the Japanese energy market. Japan is a crucial frontier in our growth strategy for e-NG, and partnering with Itochu will undoubtedly speed up our journey to deliver reliable and affordable green molecules," stated the CEO and Co-Founder of TES, Marco Alverà.
"We embark on this journey with great enthusiasm, partnering with TES to propel the adoption of synthetic methane which aligns with our target to reduce GHG emissions by 40% from 2018 levels by 2030 and achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050", remarked Daisuke Inoue, Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Metals & Minerals Resources Division at Itochu Corporation. "Together, we are poised to unlock new possibilities, scale up e-NG production, and drive meaningful change in tackling the most challenging aspects of emissions reduction."
[1] Sōgō shōsha is a term for Japanese general trading companies that deal with a wide variety of products and materials. These companies are characterised by their broad scope of operations, extensive global networks, and ability to handle a wide range of products and services.

About TES

TES is a global green energy company leading the way in the production of e-NG (electric natural gas derived from green hydrogen). Headquartered in Europe, TES is committed to making reliable and affordable green energy accessible to all by implementing giga-scale projects using a proven, scalable and cost-effective method. With a presence in North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia, the company’s green hydrogen model uses solar and wind energy in low-cost areas with abundant sunlight or wind. The green hydrogen is then combined with climate-neutral CO2 and transformed into e-NG, a renewable molecule, easy to transport and store using existing infrastructure. Through the supply of e-NG to various industries, TES aims to win the climate race ensuring the mass adoption of green molecules across the globe.

About Itochu

The history of ITOCHU Corporation dates back to 1858 when the Company's founder Chubei Itoh commenced linen trading operations. Since then, ITOCHU has evolved and grown over 160 years. With approximately 90 bases in 61 countries, ITOCHU is engaging in domestic trading, import/export, and overseas trading of various products such as textile, machinery, metals, minerals, energy, chemicals, food, general products, realty, information and communications technology, and finance, as well as business investment in Japan and overseas.