The 4 Pillars of e-NG

October 11, 2023
Reading time: 2 min

Unlocking Scalable Renewables and Accelerating Green Hydrogen Imports

In light of the current energy crisis, the success of the energy transition has become even more important. In addition to climate protection, energy security and affordability, speed and scalability are now also recognized as fundamental success factors. The hydrogen derivative synthetic methane (e-NG) promises to address all of those concerns.
"Hydrogen transport by sea is a major challenge due to its low volumetric density and the limited availability of transport ships. Therefore, either an energetically demanding liquefaction or a conversion and reconversion of green hydrogen to ammonia, LOHC (liquid-organic hydrogen carrier), methanol or e-NG is required."
"In contrast, methanation of CO2 and hydrogen has a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 [1] to 9 [5] and is available on a large scale from established companies. Technologies for liquefaction, shipping, and methane cracking are also commercially available and in operation at large scale."
"Making use of the existing infrastructure allows the e-NG supply chain to scale up quickly and achieve attractive costs by leveraging existing facilities. The existing infrastructure gives e-NG a huge advantage in terms of speed over other hydrogen transport routes, which need to be built first."
"e-NG offers today’s natural gas users the possibility of a seamless transformation through the flexible blending of e-NG with fossil natural gas. This transition does not require any technical conversion measures and is therefore not capital intensive."