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Australia, TES’s southern hemisphere home

Australia’s famous brilliant sunshine, windswept plains, and vast expanses of open land provide the perfect natural conditions for producing green hydrogen. Wind and solar energy from just 2% of Australia’s land mass could supply enough hydrogen to meet Germany’s total annual energy needs.
Working closely with our Australian partners , we are developing the world’s largest green hydrogen integrated project which will produce enough green hydrogen to supply 1.5 million households. And that is just the beginning.

Australia is rich in sun, wind, and open space which is ideal for large-scale green hydrogen production.

Why Australia?

We are committed to shipping sunshine

Australia is expected to become the world’s second-largest exporter of green hydrogen by 2050. Government and industry bodies are investing billions of dollars to support this swift scale-up. We are working with our local energy partners and the German government to build our Wilhelmshaven Green Energy Hub so we can ship Australian sunshine directly to Germany and the rest of Europe.
In addition to Europe, we are working with our long term buyers from the APAC region to ship the e-NG to places like Japan and Korea, where most of the downstream infrastructure is already present.

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