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Wilhelmshaven - a hub for green energy

TES is building the Green Energy Hub in Voslapper Groden Nord in Wilhelmshaven on an area of around 145 hectares. This import terminal for green energy will serve as a central hub for distributing it. e-NG will be transported to Wilhelmshaven by ship and processed further in the Green Energy Hub.

In Wilhelmshaven, the delivered e-NG can be fed directly into the natural gas grid. For this purpose, the direct connection from the Green Energy Hub to the German natural gas grid is used to feed the e-NG directly into the grid and use it like conventional natural gas. Furthermore, the e-NG can be converted into hydrogen at the Green Energy Hub, which will enable significant quantities of hydrogen to be produced on site in Wilhelmshaven in the future. During the conversion of e-NG into hydrogen, the CO2 can also be captured and recycled, in order to export and reuse it for the production of e-NG.

The Green Energy Hub is therefore an essential part of the TES Cycle and will make a significant contribution to decarbonisation.

The Wilhelmshaven Green Energy Hub will soon provide almost 10% of Germany’s total annual primary energy demand.

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Why Wihelmshaven?

Europe’s portal to secure, decarbonized energy

Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s only deep-water port. On the western side of the Jade Bight, it sits between the Ems and Weser rivers with ready access to existing onshore wind farms and planned offshore sites in the North Sea. It is the perfect home for green hydrogen-producing electrolysis plants.
Our Wilhelmshaven terminal will be purpose-built for a decarbonized future with direct connections to three major European networks:
  • The existing European high-pressure natural gas network
  • The H2ercules hydrogen network
  • The CO₂ transport network of OGE & TES
Natura 2000

Voslapper Groden

We carried out studies and examinations of the flora and fauna of the Voslapper Groden area over the last three years, as well as of various areas that would be well suited to create new habitat and ecosystems. Subsequently we have performed biodiversity modelling and developed planning concepts and design of the new habitats, by various expert companies and a university. The aim of Tree Energy Solutions is not only to compensate for the valuable area taken up, but also to provide added ecological value by creating optimal habitats for all flora and fauna of the area.
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