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Making e-NG in the United States is a no-brainer. Powerful American sunshine and vast expanses of windswept open land are perfect for generating renewable electricity. Combine this with world-leading carbon management infrastructure and a robust network of existing natural gas pipelines, and you have the optimal conditions for producing e-NG at scale and supplying the world with a drop-in green molecule.
The Inflation Reduction Act created a fertile investment landscape which supports innovators like TES. We believe e-NG is the fastest, most efficient route to drastically reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. e-NG enables customers to lower their carbon output immediately with zero conversion costs.

The US has it all: top-tier talent, a developed energy industry, world-class infrastructure, and the optimal conditions for producing e-NG.

Why the USA?

TES can thrive in the US

The United States is richly served by a mature energy industry, highly developed infrastructure, and an experienced talent pool.
From here, we can accelerate e-NG production and distribution and make green gas an easy, affordable choice for North American consumers, exporters, and industry partners. Initially, we aim to produce 1 million tons of e-NG every year. And we are just getting started.

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