Global Impact

United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia

Making the most of a primed solar market

They are better known as oil-producing countries, but the arid landscapes of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have given rise to a thriving renewable energy market. Its desert sun shines so intensely that producing solar electricity is efficient and affordable. Economical operating conditions combined with generous government programs allow us to produce e-NG at scale.

High-intensity sunshine and ambitious government green energy programs make the UAE and Saudi Arabia ideal TES locations.

Why the Middle East?

We follow the sunshine (and the shipping routes)

At TES, we have a simple motto: Put the Panels Where it’s Sunny (PPWS). The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia get lots of high-intensity sunshine so they are one of the best places on Earth to set up our solar facilities. But there is so much more to these countries than plentiful solar energy. The UAE has already committed to producing 1 million tons of green hydrogen by 2030. The countries also offer a crucial access point to the world’s existing oil and gas infrastructure. Located right on the Persian Gulf, they link east and west and offer a direct way into most major global shipping routes. Lastly, hosting COP28, the UAE is at the forefront of the transition to a green economy.
We believe that the best impact we can make is the most immediate one. That is why it is imperative that we have a presence in the Middle East where we can have a meaningful impact on the global energy industry as quickly as possible.

Green Cycle

How the Middle East contributes to the Green Cycle

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