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Importing e-NG to the Land of the Rising Sun

As the fifth-largest energy importer in the world, Japan boasts extremely advanced infrastructure and has been ahead of the curve when it comes to finding long-term energy and decarbonization solutions. Japan has ambitious plans for hydrogen in its energy mix, to help reduce GHG emissions. Japan has recognized e-NG, a hydrogen derivative, as the solution to decarbonize its city gas networks and sees many more applications for hydrogen and e-NG in the future energy system.
The country’s energy sector is looking to achieve a practical and efficient energy transition, with targets of having 90% of e-NG in their gas grids by 2050, corresponding to about 25 million tons of e-NG.

Japan is primed and ready to receive large-scale green hydrogen and e-NG imports to meet its increasingly high demand.

Why Japan?

We are committed to supplying green energy

While Japan’s natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen (import) infrastructure is sophisticated, carbon capture and utilization is still in its early days. Our e-NG and green hydrogen are the perfect products to help Japan lessen its reliance on fossil fuels and drive the green transition. We can create e-NG using renewable energy and recycled CO₂ at one of our global e-NG production locations and ship it directly to Japan. Because e-NG behaves like natural gas, it can immediately meet Japan’s need for green molecules and seamlessly blend into the existing fuel mix. It is our ambition to close the loop in Japan by capturing the CO₂ and shipping it back to our production locations to create new e-NG with the recycled CO₂.

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