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Driving mobility and industry decarbonization in Canada

Canada is perfectly poised to make the most of its abundant renewable energy potential. Around 80% of Canadian electricity already comes from renewable sources and the province of Québec, where TES will set up its Canadian presence, generates virtually all of its electricity from wind and hydro.
Backed by ambitious government decarbonization goals, Canada’s mature renewable energy market will continue to evolve in the coming years. Aiming to hit net zero by 2050, Canada understands that green hydrogen will be key to renewable energy storage and transport decarbonization. That’s where TES comes in.

Canada’s immense hydro and wind energy potential makes it the perfect place for green hydrogen production.

Why Canada?

Green hydrogen powered by Canada’s renewable natural ressources

Canada’s vast wilderness is home to some of the world’s most powerful rivers and waterfalls. Already one of the world’s largest producers of hydropower, Canada has excellent prospects for further developing its renewable energy resources and driving green hydrogen production.
Decarbonizing heavy-duty transportation, the country's second largest source of GHG emissions, is a keystone of Canada’s net zero strategy. We plan to supply green hydrogen to support the mobility transition with a view to also providing e-NG for Canadian industrial partners.

Green Cycle

How Canada contributes to the Green Cycle

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